Blog: Reining in the Beasts

“Send them home! They’re all a threat!
Doctors, students, even vets!”

We see through your Muslim ban
You xenophobic, orange-haired man.

Want to launch a registry?
We’ll all sign up as enrollees.

“I will make you build a wall –
Taxing you to fund it all!”

Go ahead and build that wall –
I will buy a wrecking ball.

“I love Vlad and he loves me.
To him I owe my victory!”

The two of you should get a room;
Golden showers shared by goons.

“You want healthcare? Ha Ha Ha!
I wield the pen – I make the law!”

Wrong again, you ignoramus.
Methinks your brain is in your anus.

“Torture works – I like it fine!
Defy me? You’re next in line!”

Hair-in Chief, it’s only fair
We torture you – live, on air.

“I like the bomb! Can’t wait to nuke!
Pussy Dems make me want to puke.”

I have a pussy, I am a Dem.
You’ll be impeached, you ball of phlegm.

“Climate change? Don’t make me giggle!
I’ll build a wall ’round Mar-a-Lago!”

My temp is rising, like the earth’s;
Your fake alt facts won’t change the truth.

“Women’s rights? A failed crusade.
Say bye-bye to Roe v. Wade.”

Rig the courts. Do your worst.
We’ll trample you, put women first.

Then we’ll put you in your place
Pick a dark site – we’ll find space.

“I’ll make this country great again!
Great for me and my henchmen!”

Your henchmen are deplorable
Unqualified, tyrannical.

You’ll all go down in history
As masters of chicanery.

“I will steal your land and parks
“Turn them into building lots!”

You can’t have our land (or seas),
We’re the alt-majority.

“That Hitler dude – he got it right.
Kill them all – except the whites.”

Mark my words: this will not work.
Enough of us will go berserk.

In the airports, on the streets,
In our posts and in our tweets

We are rising, just you wait –
We will crush your reign of hate.

We will fight you, every day,
With every tool, in every way.

We won’t stop, come what may
‘Til “We, the People” lock you away.


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