I’m an East Coast Yankee and New York City-phile who woke up one day to find herself 3,000 miles away from home,  perennially stuck in freeway traffic and surrounded by surfboard-wielding twenty-somethings high on legalized pot. Good grief.

As for my creds …for most of my non-writing career, I’ve toiled in and around the gilded towers of Wall Street, transforming financial mumbo-jumbo into beguiling stories for investors. Since making the dubious decision several years ago to retire early from corporate life, I’ve spent huge (and mostly unproductive) amounts of time staring at my computer screen trying to string together a few sentences that someone might want to read one day. And lo! A few fish have nibbled at my literary bait. My scribblings have been accepted for publication in The Big Jewel, The Literary Hatchet, Abstract JamThe Stray Branch, The Apeiron Review and Funny in Five Hundred. OK, so we’re not talking The New Yorker or the Paris Review. I get it. Can we move on? Oh, I’ve also written gags/cartoons that have appeared in The Wall Street Journal and The Harvard Business Review. Most recently, after extraordinary pain and suffering, I’ve just completed my first novel, which has received wildly enthusiastic reviews from all four people I’ve paid to read it.